Personal project

2000+ Users

Open Source

Released in 2022

Available on iOS & Android

Notely is an open source school app which helps students within the canton of Solothurn to organize their school life. It seamlessly integrates with the backend of 7 schools and provides a modern and easy to use interface.
Because of this integration, Notely can display students' upcoming exams, grades, absences and more without having to add data manually.

Development of Notely was started on a weekend in late June and the first version debuted with basic functionality (grades) in early July first gaining little traction. Due to positive feedback and word of mouth the app gained more and more traction and is now actively used by over 2000 students.

Since then the app has been updated multiple times and gained many new features such as the displaying of the timetable, absences, exams and allowing users to add homework by simply tapping on a lesson in the timetable.
The breakthrough feature however was the implementation of notifications which notify the user when a new grade is added.