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Open Source


WinGetty is an open-source backend that allows you to set up a private repository for use with the Windows Package Manager (WinGet).
It is designed to be self-hosted and does not require any cloud services like Microsoft's reference implementation which is unsuitable for use in a corporate environment where applications may not be allowed to be hosted in the cloud.

WinGetty is written in Python using the Flask framework and is designed to be as lightweight as possible.
It features a simple REST API that allows you to add, remove and update packages as well as an easy to use web interface for managing the repository and it's packages.

WinGetty also offers many features that are not available in the reference implementation such as user management, installer switches and more.

While WinGetty is still in development, it is already being used by multiple companies around the world and is easy to set up using the provided Docker image.
The first stable release is planned for late 2023/early 2024.